• About Go Build Delray Beach

    Go Build Delray Beach is a multi-year economic development initiative designed to grow the construction, real estate and development (CRED) industry sector in Delray Beach and for the benefit of Delray Beach.

    Key Components

    Accelerate the growth of local firms through focused business development and education/training.

    • Go Build Delray Sub-Contractors Mini-Con scheduled on Saturday, October 13, 2018 is the first activity.
    • By targeting local construction, real estate and development firms with focus training on business and management disciplines, as well as providing mentoring and one-on-one counseling, Delray Beach aims to see this sector employ hundreds more as they grow successfully.
    Build a stronger and more robust talent pipeline for the industry.
    • For years, Delray Beach has supported Atlantic High School’s Construction Academy program, resulting in new affordable homes for income qualified residents.  
    • In early 2019, Delray Beach will host its first-ever Go Build Delray Workforce Summit to discuss and launch new programs designed to increase the pool of talent.  This is especially needed as many workers in the industry sector will reach retirement age in the next five to ten years while the industry skills gap continues to widen.
    Develop “Keep it local” Policies, programs and events which will increase the number of local firms participating in area public and private sector (re)development and strategic investment capital projects.
    • The City of Delray Beach encourages local businesses to register as a prospective vendor by visiting mydelraybeach.com and completing a vendor application.  Additionally, the City encourages all vendors to register with BidSync, an electronic online service for notification and distribution of Delray Beach solicitations for goods and services.  Once registered, vendors and suppliers will receive automatic notifications related to solicitations that are issued by the City.

    Building Jobs

    Professional construction jobs in Florida and locally in Delray Beach have been on the rise since 2015. The construction industry employs managers, engineers, architects and cost estimators with hourly wages ranging from $22.95 - $55.91 or annual salaries from $47,700 - $116,200.


    Additionally, the construction industry is projected to grow at a much faster rate than the sum of all industries from 2015 to 2023. The overall growth rate across all industries as forecasted by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity is projected to be 12.7% compared to the 30.2% growth for the construction industry.

    Building Business Capacity

    Construction, real estate and development is a highly entrepreneurial industry sector whose small business owners and entrepreneurs are growing jobs and our economy. Though its difficult to quantify, the Association of Builders and Contractors (ABC) indicate many start out in the industry as a one-person business and then grow. Larry Lopez, 2017 chair of ABC’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee, stresses construction is a natural fit for entrepreneurs since a four-year degree isn’t necessarily needed to begin a career in construction and starting a business is open to anyone.


    “Folks can step into a role to grow and make something,” Lopez says. He also stresses being a successful entrepreneur in the construction industry depends on patience, vision, commitment and teamwork.


    “You have to have a vision,” he explains. “You have to see the big picture and have a path. My success comes from my team. If I didn’t have them and a lot of other people, we wouldn’t be who we are. You must be humble and embrace that. It takes a village to make it happen.”


    And it’s this philosophy of team support, that the City and its partners are stepping forward to support this important industry sector to ensure the growth of good jobs and business ownership for our community. Let’s Go Build Delray Beach together!

    Photo of crane being operated at a construction site

    Building Local Opportunities

    Like many communities in the South Florida region, Delray Beach is undergoing a growth spurt and construction cranes fill the skies around town. In fact, there is currently more than 1.1 million square feet of new construction and rehabilitation of commercial property underway, valued at more than $500 million dollars. Coupled with tens of millions of dollars of strategic capital investments set to begin by the City of Delray Beach and the School Board of Palm Beach County, local opportunities abound.

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